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Brunswick looking to sell Sea Ray division

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I hear Brunswick is looking to sell Sea Ray. My understanding is that they have been using profits from Boston Whaler to keep Sea Ray viable.

If this is the case, management must have gotten tired of it...


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Their model line up has been greatly reduced for 2018 model year.  And the Sundancer 320 is a combination day boat/express cruiser.  Not sure how it will do.  The Sundancer 350 Coupe is a nice boat.  It will be interesting to see how they structure themselves.  If they are a money looser, it is possible they'll be cutting costs.  Does that mean fewer boats in line up?  No more yacht sizes?  

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Their L series yachts are beautiful, but just like everything in their line, they are priced much higher than

competitors. Both domestically and abroad. They will trim their offerings down to what is selling, or fail

miserably going forward. No matter who buys them.

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I believe that being owned by Brunswick, has created some limitations on what can go into their boats i.e. no Volvo, no Minnkota for fish models,  Sea Ray has always been a little pricey but they also have been very innovative in design and features.  They build a nice boat but I agree, they will have to cut some overlapping models.

The real problem for them has been the Cruiser Market.  It sucks.  It has been way down since the recession. Then you have to consider the growth of Outboards, Center consoles and pontoon boats.  Hard times for Sea Ray with that mix.

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