Part numbers for Sig 290 cockpit seat skins?

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The PDF parts guides do not seem to have part numbers for the seat skins for my Sig 290.

Mine is a 2005 Signature 290 (made between 2004-2009 with same cockpit seats, or 2002-2003 Signature 280).

Anyone have a list of cockpit seat skin part numbers for my boat?  If I had the part numbers, I could search for new old stock on Ebay or Google.

Are skins available for the 2009s?

Who made the skins for Chap, that they might still have the patterns?

Finally, if nothing else, does anyone know the part numbers for the vinyl used in this color scheme, as I see that some Chap vinyls are advertised on the web (Great Lakes Skipper closeouts).


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