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Lake Marion

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I realize this is a few months old, but here is my $.02. I've never been on that lake personally, but I know people who have and I asked one about it this week. He says that the lake is generally very shallow, averaging 10-15' with a lot of submerged trees/stumps. He didn't particularly care for that, and he had an 18-24" draft. Personally, I'll stick to Lake Murray, the Intracoastal, and Cooper River instead if I want to be in that area. Else, I'm at Lake Hartwell or Lake Norman when I'm not near the coast.

I would be at Lake Bowen normally, but they limit the HP to only 190. :angry2:

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On 2/16/2019 at 9:47 AM, alarmguy said:

Lake Murray for sure.
Amazing piece of history AND deep every place you go, up to 200 feet. 

(ugh, just realized this thread is a year old, well, if anyone interested) ... 


thanks for the info. tho.  Lake Murray is on my bucket list for sure!

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