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Review: SeaBlazeX Spectrum RGBW LED Underwater Light

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I installed 3 of the Seablaze Specture RGB lights on a 2006 Chaparral 310 (Twin Screw with 10'7" beam).  One light in the middle and two at the edges of the stern.

There's 2 different modes: It starts by cycling through all of the lights over the course of about 20 or 30 seconds.  This gives you the opportunity to pick a solid color if you'd like.  You can pick a color by toggling the same switch you used to turn them on, off and then on again very quickly.  That will select that color and hold it there.
Alternatively, you can let it continue to cycle.  After the first round, it slows way down to cycling every 2 minutes or so.  It's a really nice pace, and my favorite setting.

The lights have been fantastic. They're very bright, colorful and certainly gain a lot of compliments.  When I first installed them, I couldn't get enough of them! I would even just turn them on to check them out.  

In our freshwater lake, green penetrates through the water the most and is the brightest.  It probably reaches about 15 feet, maybe even 20 ft back.

I'm not the biggest fan of Lumitecs protocol/controller to have to wait to find the color you want and then toggle the switch.  I wish there was a proper controller to either just select the color I want or something I could integrate into an MFD or proper LED controller.  But it is what it is.

Notes: I learned that it's important to mount the lights low enough, as per Lumitecs recommendations.  If you mount them too high, it appears like they flicker because of the way the water is sucked under the transom.  I also found that using relays was the best option. I also had some interference with the stereo when the lights were on, so I just moved them to a different battery.


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I agree about the TTP. I wish there were more 4-wire RGB underwater LED options out there, at least quality ones. pretty much ShadowCaster is it. Everyone else is either 24 or 32 volt or low quality. 

Plenty of boaters wanting to integrate their underwater LEDs with their interior LEDs on a single controller, to no have a 4-wire light. 

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