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Template for snap in cockpit carpet for 98-02 Signature 300

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Hi all,

I have a 2000 Signature 300. I'm looking to replace the snap down cockpit carpets. The outfit I'm choosing to deal with does not have the template in stock, and it's very difficult for me to make my own, due to inaccessibility to the storage area. Does anyone out there have these templates already made up? I'm willing to pay a little bit for them.


Snap downs.JPG

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I don't because I have a different model boat, however I replaced my cockpit carpets several years ago and sent my old ones in to the company.  They used my old ones to make my new ones. Sent me the new ones and enough snaps for me to do the install.  The company offered a "rental" of their snap installation tool, which was a nice commercial tool and made the install really quite easy.  Not sure who you're using, but you might ask if that's an option.  Shipping the old ones wasn't that expensive and I trusted their ability to make a template more than my own.  Good luck.

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