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any issues keeping it on wet slip for 3 weeks

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Fellow panhandle boaters.

Just purchased a 2006 Sig 290, with 2x 5.0l Mer and Bravo 3's. This thing has been stored in dry dock when not in use, but that dry dock is too far for me to drive every time I want to go out, so I'm moving it to the military base (Tyndall AFB) that is much closer to me. The thing is they only offer wet slips or trailer spots, and because this boat does not have a trailer (see my other posts)  I'm waiting for my new one to be built, which will take 3 weeks.

So it brings me to my question - Could I leave the boat on the slip for a couple weeks? Keep in mind, this boat has no bottom paint - pretty much when it's not in the water, it's sitting on a shelve.
Does anyone think I would have any issues by leaving it in the [salt] water for that long? 

Thanks for any help

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You would be in very warm waters so your bound to gets some growth. Plus there this no barrier coat. Being in FL, I would just paint the bottom and the drives and keep it in a slip. Having a slip opens a whole new world! Just to go down there, have a drink, watch the sun set or rise or just have dinner. The fact the you just walk right on broad is a great thing!    

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