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Chaparral owners - Should I buy it?

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Hi - new to the forum, and a potential Chaparral owner.

So I've spent the past 2 months looking for a miniyacht / express cruiser to buy.. I live in Dubai, so there's quite a number of options here. 

Saw this 1988 Chaparral Laser 32 -  with 2x Mercruiser engines (MPI 325 V8)  that have been serviced at the agency, relatively new and only done 200 hours. Agency says the engines are in good condition, and the owner doesn't use them much.  The boat on the inside needs a good amount of cleaning (dust + sand + maybe some upholstery), but besides that all the electrics seem like they're working.

The boat is being sold for about $19,000 here.. I'll probably have to spend a couple more thousands to get it cleaned and fix some small things here and there. 

Would you Chaparral owners recommend this boat? Have any of you had any experiences with it? Any warnings? Positives? 

Any / All feedback and advice is welcome and appreciated!

P.S. boat looks similar to this one from 1989, the interior is identical but exterior had a different paint job: https://www.rightboat.com/gb/boats-for-sale/chaparral/laser-32/rb199407


Potential Chaparral owner



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I have a tendency to shy away from real low hour boats. A boat that sits for extended periods of time is not as preferable as a boat that gets used. In my opinion. It's not a deal breaker but just something i take into consideration. 

Nice boat though. If you feel it's a good boat make an offer based on Sea Trial and a Survey by someone of your choosing. 


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