I decided I would write up a post on how to use the Image Album to upload and post pictures in to posts very easily since it seems to be a big issue on here.  So, step by step follows.  In the images, the Yellow highlighted portion is showing you where to click or what to fill in. Step 1:  Create a new Image Album.  You do this by clicking on the +Create drop down on the top right side of the banner of the website.   Step 2:  Click on the "Gallery Image" option from the +Create drop down list.   Step 3:  You now go to the screen to start create the image Album.  Select "Boating Pictures" from the "Select Category" drop down list:   Step 4: Create a new album.  You must name the Album.  You do NOT need to enter in a description if you do not want to.   Once done, click on the "Create New Album" button.   Step 5:  Upload pictures to your new album.  You can drag and drop images from your computer, or click on "Choose Files" and select images on your computer, or phone or tablet if you are using that, that you want to upload.   Step 7:  The site will upload your images and process them.  It may take a few minutes for it to complete.   Step 8:  Edit information about each image.  You can skip this step if you with by clicking "Finish Editing Images" in the lower left hand corner.   Step 9:  If you skip editing images, you get this popup warning.  It is ok to just click "OK" to continue.   Step 10:  Your images are now uploaded to your new Album!  You can always add more images by click the "Add Images" button!   Step 11:  You can access your albums from your profile by clicking on the "Albums" tab.   Step 12:  When you are writing or responding to a post, you can now add images from your albums.  On the lower right of the posting window, click on the "Insert other media" drop down and select "Insert existing attachment"   Step 13:  You can now select one or more pictures you have in your albums to be included in the post.  Just click on an image the the checkmark turns green.  Select all you want to add.  the click "Insert # Selected" in the lower left.   Your images you will appear in your post or reply.  That is it.  All images used in this post were done using this method.