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is there an hours meter on a 244 Sunesta?

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I've got a Chap 2008 244 SUNESTA EXTREME


It has the perfect pass ski system

I've never been able to find engine hours meter  - is there something hidden.  I've never been able to find one on any of the gauges or looking in the manual.



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There is.  You can find it it the SmartCraft gauge, which I believe you will have on a 2008 244, but it is not easy to find.

Is it a Mercury or Volvo engine?

I think it is the same for both.  When you have the SmartCraft gauge showing the digital RPM (get there by the Up or Down arrow keys to get to RPM), press enter and it should show the engine hours.

Here is the quick reference for the Smartcraft gauge:



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11 hours ago, JPW said:

Sweet - and thanks. it was hidden in the smartcraft gauge.    OUtstanding.  many thanks



OK, now the million dollar question, HOW MANY HOURS???

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Ha - ONLY 218H on my girl.

She mostly is a mobile on-the water cooler / stereo.  I motor about 20 feet offshore and we all stand around her in the water off the beach.

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