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Jacking up a LoadMaster trailer

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I have just purchased a used 2012 216 SSI and so far, it is a great boat.   However, just to be ready in the event of a blowout, where are the safe areas to jack up the boat on a LoadMaster trailer.   I have heard either cross member just before or after the wheel covers, or on the axle tube itself.   Is that correct?  

Also, a Load D ST2015/75R14 tire is only $5 more than a Load C at Tire Rack.   It seems to me that it is worth having the higher load rating for such an insignificant cost.   Am I missing something?    Thanks

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Definitely go with the load range D.

As far as where to place the jack, we need to know if it has leaf springs or torsion axles. 

If leaf springs, place the jack on the U-bolt plate where the spring and axle tube meet.  If you try and lift it from the frame, you will have to lift everything much higher to get the wheel off the ground.  Lifting at the axle on  a tandem axle setup also keeps some of the weight on the other axle, and keeps things stable.  

If it has torsion axles (no visible springs), I would jack from either the bracket that mounts the rear axle assembly to the frame, or the main frame rail itself behind the rear axle.  Placing the jack in front of the axle set would mean that the jack would be lifting more weight, and would be less stable. 

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