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Going though my check list last night every thing is good to go, so I thought. In place to load this AM, so I thought. Well we got out of the house about 45 minutes ahead of schedule. Stop grab a few McMuffins "Life is good", so I thought. We get about 2-3 hours away rolling right a long and Bang Light bulb goes on. I forgot to grab the extra props and bottle jack and a few other things. Call home, My other daughter has a summer job. She'll be coming with a friend on Sunday. Well, as I explain were these things are she has me on speaker, well it was like listening to "War of the Worlds" as she is dropping stuff, tripping, (@#$^) wrong shelf, opening cabinets, running to and from the neighbors house to get lifting help. My wife and other daughter are laughing are @ss's off. She finally gets everything together after abut 20 minutes. Man, I really didn't think this was that bad on my part that she doesn't know what some of this stuff was but, she does now.:o  She'll be on the road tomorrow with my care package.:D

Just to let you guys know, I carry a ramp to change tires, so the bottle jack is a back-up. So are the props, I've bent a few without having done major damage to the outdrive. So I always have a spare set. A few years back I hit a something and just destroyed the props and the skag. My shop split the drives and sent the props to be repaired (Gotta love Boat US). Problem was I was leaving in 10 days for LOTO. The drive was done, the props were 4 weeks out. Not a problem I have an extra set. 





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I believe in superior luck. Driving the 2002 new Chap home in the river.  I am on a full planning speed. I am looking for the spring shoal markers.   UUUHH I am over the shoal. MOMMA !!

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