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Ever witness a boating accident?

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6 hours ago, Roady68 said:

I brought up Google Earth to see if I could tell where they hit.  Hard to tell from pictures.  But did they hit near Beauchamp Point?  

Was it Rockport ME?  I thought it was here in Rockport MA?

5 hours ago, aimeusdietger said:

I once saw a ferry overturn..Oh My goodness!! there is nothing more sinister compared to this...The over crowded boat had no chance when the multitude of people rushed to alight as it neared the docking place..with the weight imbalance the ferry overturns with everybody still on..The screams could deafen someone miles away..It is sad the people traveling on boats do not take heed on the safety measures required..unfortunately lots of lives were lost..I do not wish to have such an experience again..

P.S.... It important to lean how to swim when visiting the waters..this lessons can come in handy when such incidents happen.

Where did this happen?  I agree about swimming.  Unfortunately I have an innate fear of sharks that cripples me lol.  The water is extremely cold in these parts that depending on offshore location, one could easily succumb to hypothermia. 

I see this is your first post, welcome.

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