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Ever witness a boating accident?

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39 minutes ago, SST said:

Bermuda fire. Salvaging gone wrong. 


Makes you wonder why they were even salvaging that pos in the first place?  Unless it was blocking a channel or in a certain area that they needed to move it out of, that thing was so charred up with the exception of part of the hull that they should've just towed it to closer, deeper waters and let it sink and become an artificial reef.  Salvaging that thing didn't make any sense, not even for insurance purposes.  Thanks for the good post and keeping this thread going.

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From the opening post, this is one of our recent entrance through the Blyman bridge.  I usually give myself a little more distance between the boat in front of us and ours.  But for some reason I felt a little pressured as we were waiting a little while since we had just gotten there right after the last opening, and the bridgemaster is on a timed schedule to open the bridge (not sure how much time between openings) but he also has to watch the road traffic and pick the right moment etc.  So we were waiting for a while and being 2nd in line, there had been a slow but extensive gathering of boats behind us and so admittedly so, I felt a bit pressured to not wait too long as I do prefer the boat's wake in front of me to subside a bit prior to my entering through.  But as you see, his wake does push me a bit to port and I did adjust appropriately and that's the trick I've learned going through this thing quite a few times now in the past few years, is not to over-compensate to make adjustments and get back on track.  That's what usually gets people in trouble at this entrance to the river, especially when they're gunning it.  Suddenly they find themselves being pushed to one side and they turn too much to correct their path and next thing you know, they're sideways and slamming into one of the walls because of that speed and over compensating.  So easy does it (to a certain extent, that's the other thing is you don't want to go in too slow, either) and easy on the steering to make corrections.  This is the bridge that got this thread going as the first time last season, smaller boat behind us did exactly what I described.  Gunned it too fast, my wake pushed them also to portside and the lady captain didn't even slow down, just turned too much to starboard and slammed into the wall, which then turned her boat and sent her straight into the portside wall as well!  It was awful watching this happen and it wasn't until she hit the 2nd time and wall that she throttled down.  Luckily they were all ok.  @Denny



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