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Best GPS/Depth finder for the money

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New to boating and need a good GPS/ depth finder. Doesn’t have to be the latest and greatest. I don’t fish so I don’t need any fish finding capabilities. I have used the navionics App on my phone and like it. So something that is compatible with it would be good. I live in NW Georgia and will be staying in fresh water lakes. 

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Just my opinion.  Garmin.  They do everything from road, emergency, avionics to marine.  Very stable hardware and software platforms.  Excellent customer service, and easy return policy provided packages are unopened.  For marine applications, unlike road, you typically pick which interface you'd like (a.k.a. the head unit; i.e. the part that displays the map and all of the information you're interested in and have interfaced), and then pick a transducer compatible with the head unit.  For basic functionality (moving map, heading, depth, speed and surface mount; i.e. no motor parameters, water temperature, autopilot, recessed installation, etc.), expect $700 to $1,500.  You install.  Required information for your search includes the specific engine and control package installed on your boat (including model year for both).  This information is necessary, and will require your time to research and determine what data feeds exist, or don't, and whether the signals are digital or analog.  In addition, it's helpful to determine if you'll be satisfied with a surface mount or recessed installation.  If you're not firm on what you want, the price goes up quickly when starry eyes set in.  There's a lot of technology available, but with increased functionality and recessed finishes, pricing goes up quickly along with installation difficulty.  (P.S.  Another option is Lowrance, along with eBay for used/lightly used units from both developers.  eBay is typically good because these things get changed out fairly often and decent "bargains" can be found if you're not chasing the latest and greatest.  But, there's no product or installation support typically.)  With some research, you'll find what works for you.  Best wishes.   

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