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Kohler Generator Questions

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Couple of questions to those of you who have generators, 1. Is the coolant water that comes out the side of boat supposed to be a steady stream like the AC or does is sputter out (that is what mine does) 2. What is the operating temperature that it will run at, mine seems to be around 200 degrees f and wasnt sure if that was too hot or not. 


I checked my impeller and everything is good just dont want to overheat it.

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I have one in my Signature 290. Factory told me they run 200 degrees An love it.  Water discharge is like mine. Factory said it’s not a solid stream. Keep a good radiator cap on an the recovery tank at the proper level. You don’t want the cooling water antifreeze side to get on air because it’s a mess getting the air out. I know because when i bought my boat all the antifreeze was out. 

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4 minutes ago, Playmaker17 said:

It's a great point on the water flow.  We don't use our gen all that much but I did notice the sputtering flow you mention and thought....hmmm.  Glad to hear that is relatively normal.  Thanks for the info everyone.

The spent cooling water must mix with the exhaust gasses before it enters the exhaust hose so that the fire gets quenched preventing damage to both the hose and your hull. The sputter is a good thing.   W

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