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6 hours ago, Hatem said:

lol, I'm talking about vivid colors, as in bright colors.  And what's the silliness about taking a poll?  I told you look around your yacht club at all the colors that are used for bottom paint on sailboats, they're different than the crap we use.  Almost every single sailboat at my marina is a super bright blue paint like the pic below. 

Oh, and also; there's no big revealing secret about what the other member said regarding copper and it's conductivity in the bottom paints that we use.  It's not some monumental breakthrough information LOL.    

I'll try one final time with a link since you -- nor anyone else for that matter -- has been able to either debunk the point that the bottom paint was either the cure to the stray current or not.  All you've done is spout about copper in paint and it's conductivity rah rah rah which we all already know!  I'm showing you that most bottom paint used on sailboats are different and it could very well have been the cause of insulating the stray current.   

Here, from West Marine:

Do you want bright colors?

If you want your bottom paint to really pop, use one that contains white copper (cuprous thiocyanate), zinc or ECONEA as the biocide. White copper is clean white in color and used in brightly colored paints such as Pettit’s Vivid and Interlux Trilux 33. White copper formulations require 50% less copper than heavier conventional antifouling paint formulated with dark cuprous oxide. White copper produces the brightest colors, whitest whites and blackest blacks. Paints that contain ECONEA as the biocide are another choice. ECONEA® is a metal-free biocide that, depending on the paint formulation, can be as effective as cuprous oxide at about one tenth the concentration in paint by weight. This results in a brighter range of colors compared to darker cuprous oxide based paints. ECONEA also does not cause discoloration in the presence of sulfides, as do metal-based paints.

Of course the guy at Vivid is gonna say "Uh yeah, there is copper in the paint."  Did he mention that is was 50% less copper?  Besides, it might not even be Vivid.

This is 95% of the bottom paint colors up here in the Boston area, a bright blue.


This ECONEA-based paint has virtually no smell.

Are you in an area that restricts copper biocides?

Your best bet here is to use a bottom paint that contains zinc or ECONEA as the biocide. Worthy of mention, is the specialty paint PropSpeed which contains no biocide at all. Instead, it is a super-slick coating that easily sheds marine growth. Propspeed is used on underwater metals, including props, struts, shafts and keel coolers.


This is getting stupid...........

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6 hours ago, Phillbo said:

What is a Keel Cooler?

What comes to mind is.... Rather than having a standard heat exchanger.  Meaning raw water going though the heat exchanger cooling off the AF. The heat exchanger is bolted to the underside of the boat and sea water passes over it, rather than though it to cool of the AF. 

This is mainly used in diesel engines and big boats. Not boats of our size, in the 22 to 34 footer. 

A little off topic, no??

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We moved from coastal NC to coastal Ala. In NC we had inland deep water and plenty of affordable marinas with wet slips for sailboats. In Ala we have shallower inland waters and few affordable wet slip marinas. We live on a canal with easy access to Perdido Bay and the Gulf. Lots of resturants here to get to by power boat quickly. Different lifestyle here. You ever own a sailboat? We love both. 

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