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What Type of Power Steering Fluid

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Just purchased first boat: 2005 Chaparral 190SSI Sport with 4.3 GL-D 6 cylinder engine.  It is low in power steering fluid.  The manual calls for Volvo Penta power steering fluid PN 3851039 which doesn't seem to be available anymore.  What should I put in there?  Thanks!

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Don't get too wrapped up in an oil spec for a power steering system as just about any 10w oil will work. Trim and tilt fluid, power steering fluid, will all work as will Dextron III.      Dextron is a friction modifier GM developed to allow their clutch packs to engage more smoothly and consistently and having it in your power steering fluid has no benefit, and does no harm. The OEM manuals for both Merc and Volvo state that even 10w-30 weight motor oil will work in a pinch.   W

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