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Volvo Penta 5.7 GiC Engine warning light and beep

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Greetings, a  new to me 2010 226 ssi with Volvo Penta 5.7 GiC-300-J.  250 hours.  With ignition switch to on, the normal warning triangle briefly lights and then goes off.  Shortly after, I get one beep and the warning triangle comes on again and stays on.  Engine oil is good.  Outdrive gear oil good.  Not sure of what other fault diagnosis I can do on my own.  Advice?

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Thank you. It means a fault code has been set, and the condition not corrected. You’ll need to have the dealer come to you or take it to the dealer unless you have scan tool. The normal response with key on is two beeps, and no indicator light. This means all is normal. 

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Thank you and I was afraid of that.  Below from the engine operator manual ...all is normal until about 3 seconds after it does it's system check.  Question:  is it worth to buy an engine scan tool?


The non-emissions-related indicator light is a red

colored encircled triangle and exclamation mark

icon. When lit, it indicates that an engine-monitored

malfunction has been detected.

When the ignition switch is turned to RUN (key on,

engine off), the emissions-related indicator will light

up and stay lit until the engine is started. When the

ignition switch is turned to RUN (key on, engine off),

the non-emissions-related indicator will light up for 5



An audible alarm will perform a brief self-test when

the ignition key is turned to the RUN position. The

alarm emits three short beeps to indicate that the

ECM is performing a check of the sensors. If there

are any problems detected by the ECM, the alarm

will sound; otherwise, it will remain off.

Whenever either icon lights up, it will be accompanied

by a brief, single beep from the audible alarm to

indicate that there is a malfunction.

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1 hour ago, jimasullivan said:

Question:  is it worth to buy an engine scan tool?

The answer depends if this is a one time thing, or if you do most/all of your own maintenance/repair.  The tools for auto's don't interface.  Rinda Technologies offers two flavors, collaborates with Volvo Penta, Mercury Marine and others and you can purchase.  Volvo Penta's tools are for authorized dealers only.  Diagnosis can be involved and the tool, while very helpful identifying the fault, determining what to fix is often a deeper dive.

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