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Cabin Heat during Winter Question

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I've been reading through some of the old threads on winterizing techniques (our first season to winterize) and saw several posts on leaving the cabin heat on during winter, unless I mis-understood the posts.

I got to thinking, we leave our heater on in our mobile home on around 55 degrees when we aren't there and now wondering if I need to do the same for the boat?

Is there any reason to leave the cabin heater on during winter and if so, what temp?

Thanks in advance!

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I assume that your boat is sitting in the water for the winter.

I don't do what would be winterizing with antifreeze in the water system in the cabin, so what I do is turn the cabin heat on if it is going to freeze. The lowest it will go is 65, which will keep water lines from freezing. I do empty the lines, water heater, and tank. I don't leave it on all the time just if we are going to have a freeze. 

Where you are it gets colder than were I am, so I would probably run the antifreeze through all the lines. With the cabin heater you can run into problems if the water in the lake freezes. 

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