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For all you Photo Lovers (part 2)

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Howdy Ya'll !!

While we haven't really bought another cruiser - we did get a small 14ft RIB for exploring/diving/crabbing etc ....


and have been on some wonderful world adventures ...

Went to Norway to freedive with the orca !!!


Mountain top overlooking the City of Tromso (Norway)



this was my last day with them  - me saying goodbye !

and had some wonderfull fishing days here in BC !




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2 hours ago, Hatem said:

That's really great that you can get up close to them like that.  I know they're actually pretty tame and almost as friendly as dolphins, but do you ever worry about being close to such powerful creatures with rows of huuugeah teeth?!  :D Love the black bear, too. 

totally not worried about the Orca - this day we were in the water for the 4 hrs. The sun didn't actually rise over the horizon - so you have to take advantage of every drop of daylight. as the light was fading - I jumped on the paddle board to rest & then head back to boat when the orca came right up to me and I waved bye.  I actually have underwater video of one going right up to my Hubby & checking him out ! was amazing !!!!


this is the company we dove with !

and Redbull had Video crew on the week we were there .... the video is awesome !!

and we're in it !! (I'm in the Blue & gray wetsuit - they hubby is in the Camo wetsuit)




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Yup - the Transients do that here all the time ! its crazy to see....

of you go on to Facebook & Follow Sooke Coastal Explorations

https://www.facebook.com/sookewhalewatching/    - Paul sees this type of Feeding/Hunting techniques with the Transient Orca all the time and posts it

Eagle Wing Whale Watching sees them too ...





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These are great photos! Looking at them, you want to go on a journey. My dad especially appreciated the fishing photo. I think he would not mind going fishing somewhere. My parents enjoy all kinds of hikes and nature trips. Sometimes I go with them, but still, I like city trips more. Most recently, I was visiting a friend in another city. And for the first time, we decided to order a professional photoshoot. A friend suggested contacting wanderlustportraits.com, with whom she had already collaborated. We finally got some great joint photos, LOL. Still, professional photos are much more beautiful than amateur ones.

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