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Orange tint on seats

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On white plastic & sewing thread ?  diluted bleach on a damp cloth in bright sunlight.  Try to keep the bleach off OF the sewing threads. They are / should be synthetic threads. Be careful anyway. I have seen cruisers lose their cotton stitches after bleach.

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LOL!  i just took my helm seat home for this very same reason!  but mine is from a slacker mechanic, that folded the bolster up, and over the old waterpump impeller, and it left  a perfect outline of the impeller on my seat!  i tried some weak cleaners on it, and just brought it home to be looked at....

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My seats have this light tan stain

We are very careful about sitting on towels and the seats are wiped down with vinyl sauce every week.

I am very disapointed in the quality of the upholstery of this boat, materials and stitching.

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