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Carpet that doesn't snap in?

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I'm just full of questions these days LOL!

Does anyone have carpet that doesn't snap in? On my friend's old Malibu, it was fully carpeted and glued in up the sides and all but he had runners made that didn't snap in and could just come in and out. Because of a factory snafu with our order, we currently have no carpet or snaps. Trying to get a set of berber made and wondering about what I read on RNR Marine's site. 

"These Carpet Mat sets are designed to lay on top of fiberglass liners (floors) and are often held in place without snaps since they are fairly heavy"

We don't like the feel of beach weave so we really want a set of berber but I'm thinking maybe if it'll stay put with no snaps that'd be the best of all worlds. We saw a guy on our lake with an almost teak like mat throughout that didn't snap in either but is heavy enough to stay put so given the RNR comment, maybe it could work with berber. It's not like we go flying around at high speeds all the time. And this way if we ever went to flexiteak or the like in the future, the snaps aren't an issue.

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4 minutes ago, watson524 said:

Oh I would never expect to tow with it in. I don't even think I'd tow with snap in carpets in. I don't think there's a need to put that kind of stress on them

I do tow with mine in but I have the bow cover on to keep the wind out of the cockpit for local tows. For longer distances, I also have the cockpit cover on. (Not trying to derail this thread with the "towing with covers on" debate)

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Check out pool side carpeting...………………. We did a couple of friends cruisers. Was closed cell rubber backed poolside carpet. decades ago.

I have towed both the 186 bow riders at 75 in winds. The snaps hold perfectly.

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On 10/23/2018 at 12:03 PM, watson524 said:

Does anyone have carpet that doesn't snap in?

Appreciate all the comments about snaps, how to fill them in, tow with carpets, etc etc but I wasn't asking for a work around, I was hoping someone had experience with carpets that just do not snap in.

I'll check out the milliken carpet link tho.

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