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Twin Engines, Different Sounds

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My 2003 Signature 280 has twin MerCruiser 5.0 EFI motors, both with right around 485 hours on each. Ever since the day we took delivery of the boat, I felt like the engines both sound completely different. While OUT OF THE WATER, the port engine sounds like it runs 200-300 RPM lower than the starboard engine, but you don't notice it in the water unless you look closely at the gauge. While IN the water, the port engine sounds like it has a much louder "exhaust sound" to it. 

From the INSIDE of the boat, the port engine sounds like it has a "whine" or "wearing" sound to it. I was told it could be a pulley or the alternator bearings. With the engine hatch closed, the starboard engine is virtually silent. The port "whine" is noticeable as soon as you fire it up. Boat is out of the water now and in storage for the winter, so I'm able to access everything a little easier. 

I have videos, both inside and outside of the boat - I'll try to get those posted.

Any ideas of where to start?

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