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Hey Everyone,

I'm new to the forum, but have had my 2005 Chaparral 350 Sig for two seasons now. Over the winter, I will be updating the tired dash panels and gauges on my helm and am looking for advice and inspiration to help update the look. 

Here are my projects:

(1) Determine whether I should refresh the existing gauges through Faria or replace them with new gauges

(2) Source new, old stock or custom dash panels, which will be hydrodipped with woodgrain look - color TBD. 

(3) Considering upgrading the cheap SS steering wheel I put on last year with the current gen 270 Signature steering wheel. Not sure who I can order this through or how much it'll cost. 

(4) Considering replacing my Raymarine E80 unit with a newer, touchscreen model that also has Fusion stereo control. 

I appreciate any advice I can get!

Jason Pawelsky

'Nauti Escape'

Minneapolis, MN

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16 hours ago, Nauti Escape said:

Thanks for recommending I get in touch with Exoset. He has certainly done an amazing job of updating his Chaparral! 


Hi Jason,

just saw your PM this morning and I was thinking that it is best to answer here. I did a couple of things on my Sig 290 2004.

If I had to do it again, here are the things I loved most :

- Hydraulic steering upgrade (I went with seastar system which includes the ram on the engines, the helm and the steering wheel + hoses)

- Hydraulic steering system allowed me to put a Garmin Hydraulic AutoPilot

- Put a nmea2k sensor in the fresh water tank to have the fresh water level on the GMI 20

- Since I went with a Garmin AP, I also went with a Chartplotter Garmin 7612 xsv and the AP gauge + a small Garmin GMI 20, a 4 inch mfd where you can see a lot of stuff.

- A Fusion MS AV755 + 2 NRX200i remote (one in the cabin and the other on the swim platform)

- In order to fit all this I also put the console of the Sig 290 2009.

This is just the helm and I just listed what I liked most but there is more. With a Sig 350 you definitely want the auto pilot and Garmin integration is very nice. I can't go this way with the Sea Ray but I wish I could have. It is as simple as pin point on your Chartplotter and let the AP  engage by himself, if like me, you go with the charts G2 Vision you don't even have to bother creating the route and it is very reliable too.

About your gauges, if I were you I think I would either keep analog gauge or dedicate a mfd especially for this purpose with  Maretron you can have something like this :

Résultats de recherche d'images pour « volvo penta 2005 nmea 2000 interface »


I will be glad to provide help and#or parts numbers I used if you want.


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I have a twin a Volvos. My tech broke and i tapped into the engines computer. 

Now i can use my GPS and over the winter, pull out the old analog tech and install a LCD that can display a ton of data.

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Nauti, you have a 2005 model year. I have a 2011 model. 

Contact these people to make sure that you your model year will work with there gatway!! http://www.yachtd.com/products/engine_gateway.html?gclid=CjwKCAjwyOreBRAYEiwAR2mSku9k0G167wsYPxrH6vFKlqxJuRaHlKDJZEXxrdcI8jcNZoGt-S353hoCd5gQAvD_BwE  This is what I installed and connected it  to my NMEA2k network. 

If it does, as mentioned, it opens a new world of gauges. This is the gauge that I am looking at. https://www.simrad-yachting.com/simrad/type/instruments/is35-digital-gauge/  When the New England Boat Show hits Boston, I want to talk to the Simrad people before buying.

Just an FYI, my tech does for 650 bucks. At the time the gatway was 175 and it displays both engine tech date on my GPS. The Simrad is only 350 so its still cheaper and will display a lot more data.

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