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Eastern Lake Erie-Advisory to Warning

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For the past several days the NWS has been forecasting a wind and flood advisory.  Sometime this morning they've upped it to Warning.  

Winds gusting to 60 MPH and lake levels to surge to 8.5 feet. The surge is basically a result of the length of time that the wind is blowing rather than the speed.

At the former marina that I was at, this will put the fixed docks under water and any floating docks will rise above them. But this particular marina closed on Oct 15 so there shouldn't be any boats. As for the current marina i'm at, all docks are floating. There is no limit on the length of time the boat can stay docked. 2 weeks ago there were 20  boats still docked. Last year when I put my name on the wait list, it was howling. The boats just sat in there slips as if it were a calm day. Should be no impact even if boats are there.

As for my boat, its tucked away in a barn far far away dry and protected. Sleeping nicely.

With the previous advisories, they specifically mentioned, "forth those who still have boats in the water...." Not included in the Warning.

* LAKE SHORE FLOODING...Winds will shift from the southeast to the
  southwest by midday and dramatically increase. This will produce
  a rapid rise in water levels at the northeast end of Lake Erie
  starting around midday. Water levels are expected to peak
  between 8 and 8.5 feet above low water datum at Buffalo.
* LOCATIONS...Areas closest to the Lake Erie shoreline and Western
  Niagara County.

* TIMING...Through late tonight.

* WINDS...Southwest 25 to 35 mph with gusts up to 60 mph.

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Never reached the forecasted peak. 

The storm peaked around 3pm yesterday with the highest gust around 42kts and a 5 foot surge. There was some flooding along the Niagara River along the fishing pier. Not much reporting on any flooding due to voter coverage.

The Port Colborne Buoy reported 12.5 foot waves. 

As for my back yard, tons of leaves to clean up but still have more than 60% remaining on the trees.

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The black rock canal was pretty high too.  Water was up almost to the top of the break wall last night.  My boats tucked away for winter too.  So no issues there for me.  

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