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Stuart Adair

Latest update from Tewkesbury

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Hello all,

Quick update on progress. Now that the engine is fixed we’ve ventured out onto the River Avon. Doesn’t matter that it’s about 5°C and there’s a fair breeze from the East. The tea is strong and hot,  I’ve got a boat and I’m going to enjoy it :D  No major issues to report; 6 mph (Local speed limit) is about 1200 rpm, engine is showing 55psi oil pressure and the temperature bounces between 120°F - 140°F. Does that pressure and temperature sound about right? Only been as far as Tewkesbury Marina to the Fleet Inn, Twyning so far but as that’s the nearest pub on the river you can understand why we had to stop. I’m sure maritime law says it’s illegal to cruise past a pub without stopping for a pint 


Happy days  


Avon 2 (1).jpg

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I'd say those temps are a bit on the low side but probably due to water temps...Maybe try a 165* thermostat...

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