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Bow Running lights flicker on then go off

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Hi all,

  I’m a new chaparral boat owner and new to the forums. I’m hoping someone might know what’s happening with my bow running light. 

When I hit the switch the bow light flickers on then goes off immediately. It does this every time. 

Any ideas how to fix this one? I’m stumped  


thanks, jim

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If ONLY the bow light Check for  2   loose wire connections at bow socket & switch.  If that does not work ?  CAREFULLY make a paper clip into a     U   shaped jumper. ..........TURN OFF the big battery switch in the engine area !!!!!!  That will prevent a accidental short of the following test.

Should only be 2 wires on the dash bow switch.   Remove both wires.  SLIDE the   U   shaped paperclip into the wire ends.

Turn on dash switch. Then the big battery switch. If light stays on ?   Should be a defective dash switch. 

What year is the boat ?

There are other connections that can cause the flicker..............Is the wiring behind the dash a pulled apart  sight ?

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