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Seat disassembly

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First of all, i’m sorry for my English. I’m dutch and my English is not very good. 

i’ve got a 190 SSi (2004), with champagne interior and flip-up seats. One of my seats is teared. I want to disassemble the seat, to bring it to an upholsterer, but i don’t get it apart.

The seating has come loose already , but the back won’t. I can see there is a screw in the back, but i wont get to it. 

Has anyone done it before and can help me? 









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20 hours ago, Pellicaantje said:


Can you unscrew those two brackets right there?  It looks like maybe those are holding that particular cushion in place to the frame.  Try looking underneath, also.  Sometimes they screw the cushions from below the frame directly into the bottom of the cushion seat which should be a solid material, like plywood or something.  There's definitely a way to remove it.

Welcome and BTW, your English is perfectly fine.

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23 minutes ago, Pellicaantje said:

Thank you for your answer. It worked.  In the cushion there was a small hole in which a screwdriver fit. See the picture. 


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