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Vessel View Link Kit anyone has any experience with it

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I have twin Volvos and this was not that complicated to set up. I now can read engine date on my Garmin GPS.

I only had to install a J1939 to NMEA2k gateway. Cost was 175 bucks. No junction boxes.  I don't understand every aspect of it. But the J1939 is a CAN type communication protocol that uses 4 wires. The term CAN was used by a few people. I just had to configure the connector to mate the with gateway and it was up and running. I can't see this being that hard to do and set up. 

Once I moved the pins on the connector, that was the hard part to know what was what. It was a 10 minute install. The J1939 protocol is used in tanks, trucks, boats and more. Maybe used by Merc??  https://www.csselectronics.com/screen/page/simple-intro-j1939-explained/language/en    If it is, a gateway sounds like the way to go.

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I got the entire system working, and had the Port engine re-programed. Switched the trim wires from the Analog to Digital connections. I nave not done the fuel connection, will have to purchase a new harness - about 30 deer but like the Trim Analog gauges, I will also loose the fuel gage...for now I will leave it as analog 

I made a quick post of the project here, in case anyone needed more details on HOW to do it
SmartCraft Network to Simrad Display

Thanks to everyone for the help

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