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NEW VP Drive Bellows

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Decided I would change out my U-joint drive bellows this year even though existing ones look good with no signs of cracking or deterioration however not sure how old they are. Original owner says he never changed it so that would make twelve years old. Not sure if I believe it. My unit is a 2006 VP Dou Prop with SX-M transom assembly. My manual says drive bellows part number 3854127. My VP dealer advised new bellows kit part number 23075752 which I picked up yesterday. The actual bellows new number is 22988856. Upon opening the box I find what VP is calling a New Bellows Design which is suppose to be a more durable for extended service life. This new bellow has a hard plastic corrugated section with the ends being a softer rubber material. My concern is it doesn't look to be very flexible. Wondering if anybody has any experience with this new and improved  U -joint bellows.

Winter is finally almost over.  Ice starting to break up on Lake Erie. Sure would be nice to be south. 

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1 hour ago, whaler said:

Should I use bellows adhesive or leave dry. Thanks.

I brushed a thin coat of Permatex Aviation gasket maker on the gimbal end of mine last year and just greased up the U-joint "nose" end when I did mine.

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Hatem -- I Googled Volvo Penta Part #23075752 and the link below came up as well as several others. This supplier is in Williamstown, New Jersey and looks like a Volvo supplier. I did not purchase from them as I'm in Canada so went to a dealer here. Also there already exists a very good photo description someone did on a Volvo sx drive. I"ll try and find where it is and advise. 



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Hatem can't figure out how to post a link but if you Google -- Replacing Bellows on a Volvo SX drive-- you should find a heading for

" Replacing Bellows on a SX drive (pic heavy) Page 1 - iboats  that should take you to a pretty good tutorial with pictures on a SX drive. I have no idea if t would be the same as yours. 

Not very computer savvy.  

Hope this helps --Whaler 

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Not a bad idea to change them. 10 years is rule of thumb, one of mine cracked at 12 years. My brother is changing his now. They lasted 19 years. I have been telling him to change them for the last 5 years. He was definitely on borrowed time.

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This bellows kit ( 23075752 ) has been available for about 2 years now. When Volvo ( and most other manufacturers ) put several parts together

I.E. bellows, hose clamp & instructions they will commonly make a new part for the kit.

If for any reason they would change or as we call it superseded one of the 3 parts in the kit manufactures will change the kit part number as well.

So part # 23075752 is still a good part number.





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50 minutes ago, Hatem said:

Thank you, for that information, Whaler. Cecil Marine?  Never heard of them..............LOL!  Inside joke; they own the advertising monopoly on this forum and have for many, many years.

 BTW, just out of curiosity on your username, did you pick that because you enjoy wales or are you a former Hartford Whalers fan? :) I ask because as an avid Boston Bruins fan, I remember the great rivalry and games we got to witness between the two teams through the years until the Hartford Whalers moved to one of the Carolinas and have become the Carolina Hurricanes and just recently, the came to Boston Garden to play the Bruins and dawned the old throwback Hartford Whalers uniform for that one game.  It was great to see.


Yes, helps greatly, thank you, sir!  Appreciate it very much.  That's an awesome thread!  Read through the entire thing and I LOVE pic-heavy threads, something you don't really see quite often on this board except from most of mine and maybe a handful or other members.  I have several projects coming up really soon that will be flooded with pictures.

I say proceed with your bellows replacement and try to take some pics as much as possible and post them for us to learn. Best of luck.

I'm reluctant to ask you since you don't seem to answer me lately which is embarrassing to me.  Not sure why and seekm like either I'm being ignored for some strange and unknown reason (let me know so I can apologize if I was in the wrong and make things better.)  But I'll try again anyway, perhaps for the last time - would you know if that particular bellow would work for my VP 8.1 Gi-J with a DPS-A outdrive?  Or do I have to go with what my manual suggest only and avoid this one which appears to be of much better quality and stronger-lasting rubber. Thanks.

Hatem -- the spelling of my last name is Woehl -- 73 years ago I was told it is pronounced Whale. For some reason in high school I picked up the nick name of Whaler.  All of my boats since the first one at age 17 have been named "The Whaler".  I'm up to #14 now my last being 330 Chaparral Signature. Unfortunately my wife had a heart attack /stroke so is unable to boat. Downsized to a 248 Fourwinns to play with which is a really nice boat however a bit to small so presently looking for 270 / 290 Chaparrals.

I don't follow hockey too much. Lost interested after the second expansion way back when and game became more about money. 

As far as the bellows being useable on your DPS-A drive I would go with what your manual calls for or check it out with Cecil Marine.

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