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You can tell is Spring time

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I was walking down at my marina this past Sunday, first day of Spring to re-anchor my dock box. You can clearly tell in these photos that its here. 

First significant sign its here is the Pepsi machine......its outside and plugged in and running. $2.00.



My slip is almost ready.



After the big wind storm a few weeks ago, a lot of Lake Erie ice was pushed over the outer breakwall. 


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It reached about 75 degrees today so I decided to repair the snowblower figuring that if I screwed it up even more it wouldn't  likely snow very soon.  After monkeying with the float and its attachments I finally got it back together and no more gas draining from the carb. All because of a little tiny spring(more like a tiny paper clip) that kept the gas flowing even when shut down. 

It is all drained of gas and E10 and sitting in the shed standing by. 

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I was going to post this on a Rail Road forum but its down for maintenance so I do it here first. This shows a Canadian Pacific train crossing from Fort Erie, Canada into Black Rock [Buffalo], NY. For this forum, notice all the ice flowing down the Niagara River. Out of view, there is a Canadian fisherman in a pretty small boat fishing away.  I always love trying to time a train crossing when I'm out on the boat.  There are also some shiny new auto racks that haven't even been graffitied yet. 

I'm bored and its raining out. Thus the transition into summer. And cabin fever most likely.


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