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Built in south Jersey, with many dealers in your area. Options include LED lighting, stainless steel brake lines, spare tire mount, 4 wheel disc brakes, torsion axles which yield 4 wheel independent suspension, oil filled bearing hubs, full galvanized, painted, or aluminum construction, radial tires. Built to last and will be delivered to your dealer within a couple days of delivery. I would opt for roller bunks if you are dealing with tidal waters and/or different launch ramps. Double pull power winch is a nice option too.  W

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I bought a Load-Rite and ordered it thru Pirate Marine in OH.  Did everything through phone/email. They had the lowest price by far.  Very simple and great to work with.  I met the rep down at the Load-Rite factory in Fairless Hills and picked up the trailer there.  THe trailer was semi set up for my hull, then I just had to set the bow post at the boat ramp when I loaded my boat.

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19 hours ago, vonshep said:

x3 on dinbokowitz  they are the best I have ever dealt with 

I remember back in the 90s, I was in my 20s and shopping for my 1st boat.  I went to Dinbokowitz and was browsing.  The old man (owner) came over and asked me some questions and then called me college boy.  That was the last of my contact with that dealer!  Didn't appreciate his tone or attitude

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