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Engine Control Module for a Mercruiser 4.3L EFI GM262 V6

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Dear Chaparral Group,

We are trying to locate this part on your website please

4.3L MPI Alpha    262/ V-6    Delco - HEI    2002 - 2004    0M615000-0W029410    865000T03 (11)    863704T    863656A 2    884019    0.06

We are urgently trying to source a Delphi ECM the original Manufacturer Part Number 862148T3 -(See attached Pictures)

However I believe its NLA and now maybe 892800A01 but not sure, the Port Motor serial No OM013856 & Starboard Motor serial No OM019808

Are you able to help us or recommend someone please?

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Is yours an open or closed cooling water system? Per attachment...  W



Once you narrow down the application, Merc can help you with a part number for the latest version, and yes many are out of production but eEbay is loaded with them. Repairing your old unit is an option too.  W


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Hello Wingnut,


I really greatly appreciate your response and thank you for taking the time to respond to my question, if your ever in Sydney Australia let me know and we can look after you and take you out on the harbor.

I have attached 2 photos of the ECM, Is it true that you have to buy the exact ECM as its a V6?

Thanks again in advance - Scott

ECM 1 Resize.jpg

ECM 2 Resize.jpg

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The ECM program is unique to model, engine, and accessories even though so many look the same. That said, there are several iterations that will suit your needs as many within the series differ in regards to updates in software only. No one has a cross-over sheet and the example I shared with you is the latest and greatest version, that will service the 4.3 MPI Alphas. If you cannot locate that particular unit, then a call to Mercury Marine will tell you what other control units may operate properly with your particular configuration. Also, in the States there are several re-manufacturing facilities that actually rebuild both automotive and marine ECM's, as their failure are typically limited to a failed output Triac or diode which can be replaced without destroying the base program. If your unit is confirmed as a failure, then the question remains as to why it failed as these units are pretty robust. Grounded coil, failed hall effect sensor, even a failed alternator voltage regulator causing an over current situation can cause a failure at the ECM.

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