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H2O 21 stereo upgrade & dual battery

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     I recently upgraded the stereo in my 2017 H20 21 sport. I also installed a Blue Sea Systems add a battery kit. (#7650) I couldn’t find any good ideas online for inspiration so I thought I would share my project in case there is anyone interested in a similar setup.

     I chose to go with 2 Infinity Marine amplifiers, (one 4 channel & one 5 channel) Infinity Marine speakers with LED lights. I simply swapped the 6” speakers in the bow & by the front seats & then I added a pair of 8” speakers under the backseats on the sides of the cooler. I stuck with the original head unit. A 10” JL subwoofer is going in the rear starboard compartment. The amplifiers I installed in the storage area under the helm. That was a PITA! I glued some composite boards to a few spots so I could install a panel that the amps mounted to. The wiring from the head units to the amps I ran under the deck via the ski locker & the power wires came from the rear via the starboard side. 

     I replaced the single battery I/O switch with the 7650 in the same spot as the oem. The 2nd battery now runs all the accessories while the oe battery runs only the starter & ignition. At the same time I lengthened the fuel tank vent hose b/c I was having issues last year with water getting into the vent hose leading to issues when refueling. 


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