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2007 Signature 350 Hardtop Removal

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1 hour ago, SKZJKBrady said:

Bought an 2007 350 today and I need to remove the hardtop to transport the boat.  I've searched and can find no information.  Can anyone help?


It has a hardtop or a radar arch?  I thought the 2008 models was when they switched to the hardtops and 2007 & prior was the radar arch?

Either way, they both bolt into the gunwale at the base.  You need to find the access from either side.  If you have a wetbar on starboard or port, you can probably access that side through the back of the wetbar/sink/fridge and get to the base to unscrew the nuts from the threaded bolts.  The opposite side you can either crawl through the forward section of the bilge and maybe you can get to them that way, or remove the seat cushions directly under the arch/top connection and access the bolts for that side that way. 

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