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chris D

04 260 SSI Bilge Pump 4 wire to 3

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I want to replace my old Atwood 1250 with external float with a new Rule-Mate integrated  unit.

The problem is that  the old Float has  two brown wires going into a Brown and Brown Orange plug,  While the Pum has a Black and Brown.

The pictures shows it below.

I think its

Pump Black to Boat Yellow

Pump Brown to  BOAT or FLOAT BROWN?

Float Brown /White to BOAT Brown/Orange


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In the first pic the Brown/Orange should be the constant 12v for the float switch, the Brown/Brown wires go to the float switch, the Brown  on top goes to the pump motor Brown.

Bottom pic, Black to Yellow is ground. , Brown to Manual switch and pump Brown.

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Sorry to be a bit on the dense side,  The new pump has no float.

So the Brown/Orange on the Boat side would go to the new Brown on the pump side (Automatic operation)

The Yellow on Boat side goes to black on Pump side (Ground)

That seems straightforward

That leaves;

2 Brown on the Float

1 brown on the pump.


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