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Rick Tavares

How to Contact Chaparral Directly.

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I need some help here locating a dealer in Southern California. I configured a boat that I'm interested in and Chaparral's website contacted the closest dealership. Unfortunately, this dealership doesn't have the boat, doesn't know when they'll get the boat, and tried to convince my wife to look at a different boat, or something better than Chaparral as a brand. 

Really guys, your dealerships recommend 'something better' than the selected boat.

I tried to locate a point of contact on the website, but the site is not all that user friendly when it comes to contacting someone at corporate. Rather, it would like to send you back to the same dealership (you know, the one that told me how hard it is to get a Chaparral boat and recommended something else). 

A little help here would be nice if Chaparral follows these forums.



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