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280 Chaprral with VP 4.3 GXi SX drives

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Best of the season to all. Looking at two 280 Chaparrals one is 2006 with 360 hrs. and the other 2008 with 590 hrs. Both are in average plus condition. Both are running Volvo Penta 4.3 GXi (225hp) SX single counter rotating props. Does anyone have experience with this set up. Wondering if this set up is enough power or would it be better to look for a duo prop or with the  4.3's or look for 5.0L set up. Any information would be greatly appreciated. 


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 Thanks for your input. The two boats I'm looking at right now are 280 Signature. There seems to be a lot of these with both Volvo Penta and Merc set up. I also feel the 4.3 is just a bit underpowered so going to pass on these and try and find something with at least 5.0L preferably VP / DP  

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I had a 2004 sig 280...which is now the 310.

I had twin vp 4.3 gxi duoprops.

It ran pretty good.Even with 4 people

But , how do you use your boat?

90% of the time it's just me and my wife.

If you are going to run with 6-8 people full gas and water, you better test drive it.

While I am a fan of VP, check your area for service.

If merc is predominant you may want to go with them, makes it easier to repair.



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