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Trim falls when trailering

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Boat a used 2017 Chaparral Ski/Fish from Boat Masters Marine in Akron OH. Took it out three times, each time I noticed the trim gauged seemed to stick. The trim would go up and down and during the test drive, the seller didn't seem to think anything was wrong. A took the boat out the following weekend, noticed the trim was down when I arrived to the lake. I thought maybe I had forgotten to put it back up, rookie mistake. Went out the following weekend, the boat started a high pitched beep roughly every 30-40 seconds. Trim gauge would now get stuck half way up, but when I looked the trim was all the way up. Drove home, pulled into a gas station with a steep drive and hear the trim scrape the ground. WAS PISSED as the trim was all the way down again. Strapped the trim up and called the dealer. What am I looking at here? I've had the boat less than a month, am expected they repair whatever is causing the trim to drop on it's own.

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Welcome to the group.:drinkinBuddies:

First did you fill out a warrenty tansfer for the motor?

With your new/used boat less than 5 years old it might be under warrenty. So call yur local dear to ask. Have your motor and outdrive serial numbers handy when you call.




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