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2nd Happiest Day

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So I meet the buyer in an hour to sign paperwork which I'm not really looking forward to.

I have to say the process was easy. Looked up high NADA value, added a little bit posted on Craig's List and within 2 weeks was showing the boat while it was still in storage, took an offer that was just a few $k of what I was asking. Today I get the check next week the buyer picks up the boat when it comes out of storage. So for those of you who are looking to sell in these economic times it is possible.

I can definitely tell you all it is not the second happiest day in my boating life.:(

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It is a BEAUTIFUL boat. Got comments from people every time I took her out about how nice it was and then when they found out it was 11 years old it blew their minds! Anyways a boat in the future is not in the cards for me as I will just say I am just taking care of business and the business worked out very well for me this time. :mandancing:

I'll be lurking here for awhile and contributing when I can as this forum is great and I learned a lot from everybody.

Thanks all




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The circumstances for using spring start 
1. Extreme temperature and damp
Spring starter motor needs only hand cranking and releasing spring energy without other power consumption. Its resistance to damp and extreme temperatures makes them ideal for marine applications.

2. Non-electric
Spring starter only requires manpower, no hydraulic, pneumatic or electrical infrastructure required. Don’t need to worry the battery has no charge and can be applied for the dangerous area with the prohibition of electric start.

3. Emergency
The spring starter motor can be used as the most suitable backup starting device with the storage spring energy for the emergency like fire-fighting, rescue, marine emergency, military, etc.

How the spring starter motor works
When it needs to start a diesel engine, Pull the winding handle of the starter to make the release mechanism store in the energy for ready use. Wind the handle to turn in the prescribed direction to achieve the required storage energy and push the lever to release potential spring energy. Then the diesel engine can be started.


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