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Signiture 310 LEDs Tri Color Outside?

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Hi there,

first of all I want to introduce myself. My Name is Markus, 58 years old, living in Germany and Spain, but I am German.

I own a nice Chapparal Signiture 310 from 2011 with 2 x Volvo Penta 5,0 GXiE-P. She is located in Spain /Moraira.    And I love that boat. ;)

I just added a new bow thruster and will go from Spain Moraira to Ibiza and Formentera as soon as the Corona regulations will allow that :-)

Like the most of us I maintain the boat as good as possible. I can fix the most things by myself.

Now I have a question. 2 of the dimmable lights outside at the equipment bow stopped working. I just found one source for that lights in the US here Cecil Marine.

But $322 for one light???

Does anybody have an other tip or probably ownes used 2 lights? :wacko:

Thanks for any help!




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Great looking boat Markus.  What a beautiful area to be able to explore on the water!  But quite a distance to travel to get from Germany to the boat.  I have a number of friends and business colleagues in Munich and the surrounding areas - one of my favorite areas to visit.

Unfortunately I can't help on your question on the light - but I agree - that is a really steep price!

I do have a question for you on the bow thruster install - what was involved in getting access for the installation?  Do you have the full time forward berth or the convertible seating area?


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Hi John,

thanks for your feedback. You have a interesting extension of your persenning on the rear. Is it original by Chaparral?

And yes, Munich is a nice place to live or to spend vacation over there. It has a high level of live quality.

We have a villa in Spain. So we spend a lot of tome there and normally we enjoy the boat intensively.

The bow thruster, they did it in Spain as we were in Germany. They told me it was a #$^% of work to de-install and re-install furniture. Cable were installed from the bow to the engine room and back to the helm station. But nevertheless, it looks perfect and it works very well. I attached some pictures.





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I bet it was a major job for sure!  I tried using google translate but it could translate  #$^%  from German to English :)  

Definitely not a DIY job - at least above my skill level for sure.  Our interior is the same design so I would imagine I would need to remove most everything as well.  Bowthruster is only accessory that this one didn't come equipped with.  I can live without but would have been nice.  The previous owner installed the extended bimini with new canvas throughout the boat me.  He also put new heavier duty acrylic in place of the flexible isinglass up front.  All right before he (or maybe his wife) decided to trade up to newer & bigger (42' or so I was told) and sold it to me!

Safe boating!

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Have you looked on the light itself for a manufacturer and part number?  Most likely it was not made by Chaparral and buying it through them, or somewhere like Cecil Marine, adds a huge premium.  Find the original manufacturer’s part number and source it with that info.  In my experience this normally saves you 50% or more.

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Thanks for your feedback. Yes, I have that part list, thanks a lot.

Yes, I checked and it seems that this lights are special :-(

4 wires because of a central controller to dim the light. It seems that this technique is unique on the market.

Because I could not find something similar I ask the specialists here in that forum.

One option is to exchange all the lights and dim them via a separate remote control. But this is plan B so to say.

Let me see if Chaparral has a good answer.


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