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Oil out of the drive ?

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Hi Guys, Today I went to remove the drive (Alpha One Gen II), and, after remove the nuts and washers i went to pull of the drive, ok, it was not too difficult but some oil dropped on the ground, coming from the gimble. Question : Is that a normal occurrence?, also, I  ( you know I'm a newbie) did not set the drive in forward position before removal: Any problem w/ that? All help will be appreciated.

Thanks for the answers.

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Is there oil in the bellows? If not, then what you saw was the small amount that escapes before the oil passage poppet valve snaps shut during drive removal. The passage goes through the gimbel, and is then hose connected to the transom plate. Another hose takes it from the transom up to your engine mounted lube bottle. The valve allows for drive removal, without draining that system. It does not close instantly when you are separating the drive from the gimbel so a few drops is normal. You should not however see oil accumulation in the bellows as that would be an indication of a seal leak where the input shaft enters the upper gear housing. Likely you are fine.  W

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20 hours ago, cadeco said:

No, there was not oil in the bellows, so, I guess i'm clear on that. Wow hat relief !!!! . but anyway, Where that oil comes from ( to replace latter)? 

If you are unclear as to where your drive oil goes, then it becomes apparent that there may be a number of maintenance issue that you will need to learn. If you send me a PM with a valid e-mail address I will get some manuals heading your way that describe what goes where.  W

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3 minutes ago, cadeco said:

Hi Wingnut.

I tried to send you a message and for some reason I was not able to. I have no idea hos to PM you for the manuals.


Message box was full. They only allow 50 messages. Try again now.  W

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