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Anode Question - First time in a wet slip

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Hi all, hope everyone up north is getting ready for the season.  Here in AZ we are in the 3rd inning of the hot season!

I have a question about freshwater anodes for my Alpha 1 Gen 1 outdrive.  I know I should get Magnesium for freshwater wet slip storage.   But, it looks like I can get up to 11 different parts for the outdrive. 

49859783743_65df960913_n.jpgAnodes for alpha 1 Gen 1 by davemont12, on Flickr


If I'm planning to use the slip May through September, do I need all of these anodes, or can I get away with a set that includes only the trim tab and 2 others.  Like this one:



Thanks for your help!



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My first two boats had Mercs, but my others where Volvos.


I think the pic is showing a few models of Merc outdrives. Call Boatzincs.com and they can tell you what you need. 

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Thanks Iggy.  I emailed Boatzincs and will order my anodes from them. 

This is the comparable set to the one on Amazon that I found:


 I'll post the reply so others can find this info if needed.

" The chart shows all the anodes you might have on a Mercruiser, it includes your Alpha, and the Gen II Alpha, as well as all the Bravo anodes.  For a Gen 1 Alpha, in freshwater, that kit you found has 100% of the anodes you need.


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Thats the  standard Alpha 1 kit , any additional zincs go on the trim cylinder end caps  if you have the later type rams with the 2 threaded holes in the end caps Earlier ones can use the bullet zincs on the shafts. If you do not have the Mercathode system you can also install the  CM-821631M

The GENII type use the large horseshoe on the cav plate , the trim cylinder end cap zincs and maybe CM-821631M if not equipped with Mercathode

Then there are the Bravo drive zincs

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