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Any Great Lakes guys have some insight on traditional ablative bottom paint vs VC-17?

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My bottom paint is peeling so I am going to have it all removed and start from scratch.  It is ablative now but this gives me a chance to head in a new direction.  My googling and talks with the locals have drummed up these two unique approaches.  Has anyone had experience with both?  

The internet makes VC-17 sound like the best thing since sliced bread.  One of my buddies has it and claims he hates the stuff due to the seasonal chore of applying it.  I’m wondering if he wouldn’t think it was so bad if he had a chance to try the alternative.  

Due to the cost associated with this, I am very tempted to get a set of those trailer mounted lifts and do much of this myself going forward.  That also kinda leads me towards VC-17 because it seems maintenance is easier but more frequent.

kinda talking to myself here... anyone have some experience with this to share?  

Oh, we are slipped in Lake Macatawa but expect most of our use to be in Lake Michigan.

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