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Permanently Bypass Water Heater

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I have two heater hoses running to and from the engine to the hot water heater. The connection to the water heater is cracked and leaks. I never use the water heater and want to know if I can permanently bypass the water heater and what is the best way to do it?

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I love having hot water to shower and wash dishes. BUT, I would just take the two hoses from the heater and use a coupling to tie the two to make a loop. 


Some day you may want to reconnect it.

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8 hours ago, Joe Gorlaski said:

Thanks.  I just wanted to be sure it would have no effect on cooling the engine.  Could I just use a shorter hose and go from point A to Point B?

Yep, but some day you may want to use the heater. Why shorten them..............

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