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Wiring a new/used Hurricane wake board tower

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Hello, I am about to run wiring for a new/used Hurricane power tilting wake board tower. I was hooping someone has a wiring diagram that shows the left and right motors as they need to sync with each other to operate up and down. I have purchased a toggle switch, two relays, 10 gauge wiring and an in line relay. I have temp wired both motors together and used the battery for power. They work great up and down by just reversing polarity from the battery.  Now I just need confirmation on wiring it all up as I cannot find answers on the internet or through Chaparral or through Hurricane tower (HiTide Manufacturing).  Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.  BTW, this is on a 2015 SSI H20 21' Chaparral

Thanks in advance,


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Than two motors are the same, yes? If they operate off of one switch they should stay in-sync, yes? But I don't know the setup at all! There could even be a limit switches so the motors stop when full up or down. 

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Hello Iggy,  yes the motors will stay in sync. There are built in limit switches in each motor that I have tested and they work correctly. I just want to make sure I wire both relays correctly. I believe one will be for up and the other for down. I am trying to avoid doing any damage to the tower. Had to cut it and take out 3” then re weld the aluminum. Hoping someone can find a diagram or sketch one up.



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