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2016 chaparral 243 vortex 
FUEL issues?
Not the owner here.. just a neighbor with a wrench and no fear... scraped 'nuff symptoms from the owner/operator to scare the be-jeezes outt'a any sane person.. 
you want symptoms.. we got em.. 
1. first run of the season from the dealer to home port ~ 14miles tops.. ran fine.. 
2. Went to local boat dock topped off fuel.. 
3. back to home dock ok
4. next outing port engine would not start.. not even a cough or sputter... error codes.. we got em.. TONS .. spins but does not catch.. 
 Stbd engine runs fine.. off for mandatory sunset cruise... at some point "guardian" or some protection mode kicks in and 2k rpm is max.. 
MANY error codes and no faith in the hierarchy of the listings.. 
For my next trick, I will attempt to take the supply hose off the fuel rail (the non starting side)  and drain the hose and rail into a clear jar.. if there is anything there !!!!.. then..with the ignition turned on but not to start see if the fuel pump fires up and pumps a nice stream into a ?? bucket.. I am expecting a nice 50-60# pressure stream.. 
I am not near the boat till this afternoon.. and I expect to find the electric connector to each of the 2 tanks will have 4 wires.. the ground and power to the fuel pump.. and a ground and power to the level sending rheostat (does anyone know if that is 273ohms like the std rheostats )
If as I suspect the fuel tanks have been compromised... (filters have never been changed out).. (engine hours 75hrs total since new in 2016!!) then there will be some disassembly involved.. ie remove the fuse starborad bracket and take the domes off the tanks.. ..
? anybody got any input.. 
or can point me in the direction of some service manuals, elect dwgs ect... 
and 'nother issue.. the LCD display never had a cover and the sunlight cooked it.. ? factor item.. no rebuild of display I guess.. 
Sea Antsy 
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Update.. pulled the fuel line from the port engine (the non running one)... turn on the ignition and the fuel pump runs and nice steady stream of clean gas... dang.. thought that was it !!!

pulled the closest plug and nice creamy color.. sure.. it ran fine till it died.. 

put the plug back into the power pack and grounded the plug body to a metal point on the engine and tried to start.. NO SPARK.. 

at this point, this mere mortals is at a loss.. I have no equip or expertise to go any further... ? any suggestions other than dealer time..


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