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2005 SIgnature 260 Signature cruising speed

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On 7/26/2020 at 10:44 AM, Compiled said:

Could a poorly rehubbed prop result in a spun hub at higher rpm?

Yes, because it is slipping.

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So this has turned out into quite a learning experience for me. It turns out that my props are also not “timed” properly in that the blades cross directly under the cavitation plate. From some reading I’ve done, some say it can account for a few MPH while others say it’s nonsense. Either way, if running at max wot trim, wanting to only have one blade near the surface at a time does seem to make sense to me.

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Here are the performance specs for my boat.  It's similar in size and powered the same although Mercruiser.  You're really not that far off my numbers.  You say 4,000 RPM at 21-22 knots (25MPH).  I do 25MPH at the same power setting.  I can't account for @wave34's numbers.  Those are fantastic if so, but you're right about where a heavy should be in my opinion.  I'm about 8,500 pounds.

**EDIT** It looks like the 2008 250 is about 1,000 pounds heavier thus my lower numbers, so that that into consideration.

See below:


1,000 1.5 2 1.33 101
1,500 2.5 4.5 1.80 137
2,000 4.5 7 1.56 118
2,500 6.0 12 2.00 152
3,000 7.5 17 2.27 172
3,500 12.0 18 1.50 114
3,800 11.0 20 1.82 138
4,000 12.0 25 2.08 158
4,100 14.0 27 1.93 147
4,300 15.7 30 1.91 145
4,500 16.5 31 1.88 143
4,700 23.0 33 1.43 109
5,000 23.0 36 1.57 119
5,350 23.5 39 1.66 126


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Slow boats usually have the WRONG PROP.   If the motor can reach RATED rpms at W O T.    There is no other important reason.  

Weeds & ropes around a prop do not count. 

The less blades the better.

DO NOT GUESS !!!   Get some experienced places to LOAN you the props.  You simply pay shipping costs back & forth.   Prop selection is simpler if you do NOT guess.

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