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Is anybody familiar with Alex Milne Associates-Easy On bottom treatment near Toronto?

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Hi all, hope you can tell me about this product.

Years ago, I initially purchased Easy On from West Marine in Buffalo, NY. Then without warning, they stopped selling it. I had to switch to another product which was a pain in the stern to apply. About 2 years ago, I was in another store and they had Easy On which I jumped on and purchased. I was suspicious at how long this product was on the shelf.  I bought two bottles. One for last year and one for this year. When I went into the store this year, the shelf was empty. No Easy On. 

But I noticed on the bottom of the bottle the web address:   www.AlexMilne.com  I was kinda stunned to see it. The street address is roughly near Toronto Pearson.

Has anybody from Canada had any experience with this company.....do they actually exist? Anybody use their product beside me? 

I would love to import this product but not sure its possible.


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Several weeks ago I sent a msg to the website contact email address. To my surprise, "Alex" responded. He said his east coast distributor passed away and that's why US stores had no Easy On to sell. He told me he'd be glad to ship me a couple of bottles.  He then asked me for my CC number and then he'd send them to me. An alarm went off in my head.  I asked him to send me a list of Canadian stores that sell it so when the border opens, I'll go shopping for it.  Never heard from him.

To bad....that is some great stuff.

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