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Looking at a 2015 that hasn’t been started in 3 years?

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Looking at a 2015 with a 377 mag that hasn’t been started in 3 years.  The boat is 5 hours away and I’m going to have a mechanic check it out before buying.  I’m thinking I will probably have to drain all the gas before starting,  and new battery at a minimum.  If it starts and runs I’m thinking, new oil, belt, impeller,  and?



Thanks in advance.

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Have the mechanic BRING …………… Battery & jumper cables...………….Gasoline can & long enough rubber hose...……….Clamp on DC amp meter. 50' of garden hose and clamp on attachment to run the engine on the trailer.

If he asks why those items...………….. Tell him you have changed your mind about the boat.  Then look for 1 that agrees with your need for him to bring those items.

A bare check is every oil that looks like any water is in it.  I try to NEVER have any interest in a engione like that. Risk of leaking head gasket & 2 cylinders rusted is to great.

Boat MUST RUN in the water...………. Blown clutches ? Gears ?

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Boat could be absolutely fine except for the gas. Or, could be a complete wreck with bad seals, bellows, seized engine, rusted internal on drives, etc. all depends on how she was put away.

Full check by a mechanic, but as important will be a several hour sea trial putting it through the paces to see if anything gives out.

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I appreciate the feedback.  I shot the guy an offer, a lower one at that due to the risk, so we will see.  If it has any signs of water intrusion I’ll walk. I don’t mind being out a little money to have the boat checked out for my piece of mind.    The boat has 95 hours on it so who knows.

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Salt or Fresh water? 

Stored in a slip or dry? 

What engine?

What model? - QC on the entry level models is crap.

If you buy plan on a major maintenance plan. It will need everything just to give you a baseline for future maintenance. 


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